Rainbow of Emotions
an iPad/iPad Mini App

A highly useful tool for coaching children, adolescents and adults learn the skills to better manager their emotions and those with additional disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome Intellectual Disability, Acquired Brain Injury and Cerebral Palsy.

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Mornington Peninsula App
an iPhone app

Mornington Peninsula Shire is on Melbourne's doorstep and is bounded by spectacular bay and ocean frontages. This app keeps you in touch with shire news and community events. You can also report your concerns directly into their call centre.

Bionic Balancer
an iPhone App

Bionic Balancer for iPhone is the ultimate assistant for testing, commissioning or validation professionals. This App has been designed by commissioning specialists - for commissioning specialists.

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Tinker Tailor App
an iPad/iPad Mini App

Uniforms by Design creates custom made garments for many industries including schools and hospitality. Tinker Tailor allows sales staff to visit schools and include them as part of their design process by helping create and customise garments.

Enotify PDF Pro App
an iPhone App

Imagine an easy, quick, mobile and universal solution for those dreaded and time-consuming incident reports. This way more time can be dedicated to acting on an injury, security breach or vehicle accident rather than moving paper.

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"Imagine an easy, quick, mobile and universal solution for those dreaded and time-consuming incident reports. This way more time can be dedicated to acting on an injury, security breach or vehicle accident rather than moving paper"

- Australia’s Mining Monthly on Enotify

Margaret River App
an iPhone App

Margaret River App for iPhone and iPad is a regional tourist guide to the wonderful wine region of Western Australia.

Including up to the minute information (not to forget, some cool animation too).

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Rottnest Island App
an iPhone App

There are few visitors who come to Perth and don't make it to remarkable Rottnest Island.

The Rottnest Island App is a must-download for any day-tripper or overnight-stayer.

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Present Group App

Present Group approached us to develop a solution to track their assets country-wide and decrease the chance of loss.

The solution we created needed to be available only to employees so we decided to deploy leveraging Apple's iOS Enterprise.

Now with an office in Sydney, NSW, our mobile development team is growing and we are embracing the challenges thrown at us each day.

Our team of dazzling, top-of-their-game iPhone, iPad and Android designers and developers focus on creating the ground-breakingly useful, ground-shakingly beautiful products with the latest possible technology that we can bring to market.

InGenius Labs has finally arrived in Sydney and we're excited about the design and development of iPhone, iPad and Android apps for the NSW market.

Why did we cross the great deserts, lonely roads and roadkill to get our app skils over to these shores? Because we already had clients here so it made perfect sense to spend more time face to face with them.

So if your company or start-up has an iPhone, iPad or Android project ready to start development then our team is ready for any challenge.

Every mobile app we develop is like a small child and we nurture it into maturity. We offer a complete service from concept to launch, important steps that help your iPhone, iPad or Android app have the best possible start.

If you've documented your project and you've decided on your mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad or Android) then the next step is to contact us to have an initial chat and then to arrange a face to face meeting.

Other food for thought, will you charge for your mobile app or give it away for free or make it freemium (free to download with in-app purchases)?

Contact our Sydney office

Ready to get your iPhone, iPad and Android applications underway, drop us a quick note detailing the mobile platform you wish to have developed and when you wish to launch the app in its appropriate app store.

If your business would prefer us to come to your premises then please call directly on the number listed below to arrange an appointment.

1300 277 769

We're a small team with great imagination and after an initial face to face consulation with you we'll brainstorm some ideas together to ensure that your app will be the best app it can be.

Apps can take anything from 3 weeks to 24 weeks to develop depending on the features you'd like to include.

It's important for you to think about the features that you'd like to be in your initial launch. it's equally important that you detail your future features so the app can be flexible enough to include them during your future phases.

Remember to document as much as possible before your consultation so no questions will be left unanswered.